Another story of my life begin when i get to know 6 wonderful guys.KAT-TUN is my life.Even there are 5 of them,i'll continue to support them.It's destiny.This is ~'*Our Story*'~

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words about KAT-TUN 4人 in LIVE MONSTER.

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“What? Not shamelessly.. But no sense of shame. Such a thing like shamelessness, I dried it out and ground it into powder a long time ago and then scattered it along the Cheonggyecheon River. And then fished it back up and ate it with rice.”

Me Too Flower episode 3


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I will sink with this ship: Me Too, Flower!


I finished a few hours to see the “me too flower” and found it wonderful, light drama, funny and very novel, best thing to see.
I thought a good story, each character had a past they had to overcome and forget, found it very good. Seriously, who saw I bet does not regretted. From the moment they…

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“Because I have many tears, because I fear love
I can’t take a step toward you although you are in front of me
If you really love me, run to me and hug me
I can’t see because I have many tears”

Suzy (Too Many Tears)

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““Every single word you have spoken is sharp, sarcastic and twisted. When I thought you were abnormal you suddenly turned out to be normal. When I thought you were normal you turned out to be abnormal.” – Jae Hee (Me too Flower)”
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